Sha Tin

Horse racing is big business in Hong Kong and despite tough times in recent years (as consequence of outside interference of their governance, and well as the coronavirus), the sport of racing is bouncing back to its former glory. While some enjoy a bet new online casinos, in Hong Kong you’re more likely to see big money changing hands at a race track. We’ve previously covered the world famous Happy Valley racecourse, and so it’s high time that we also gave a mention to Sha Ting racecourse, also in Hong Kong.

Located in the (you’ve guessed it!) Sha Ting district and managed by the jockey club, the Shr Ting racecourse is a very recent addition (1978) in comparison to Happy Valley, which was built way back in 1845. It holds an impressive 474 races per season including many considered prestigious such as the Hong Kong Cup, the Hong Hong Mile, the Hong Kong Vase and Queen Elizabeth II Cup (all group 1 races).

On popular racedays, tens of thousands pack out the track, with the maximum capacity being 85,000 (30,000 higher than Happy Valley racecourse). Stables, an Equine Hospital and Gallop also feature, as well as a furf and all weather track. While it may not have quite the iconic look and reputation that Happy Valley does, Sha Tin certainly doesn’t fall far short and visually puts many a course around the world to shame. We love our racing here in the UK, but in terms of a backdrop, we come up second best and I’d be more inclined  to play uk online casino games. A bustling and vibrant Hong Kong city setting is just perfect for a spectator sport like racing.