Chantilly Racecourse

The Chantilly Racecourse is found in Chantilly, France. This is approximately 50km North of Paris. It is a tthoroughbred surface racecourse meant for flat racing. This racecourse belongs to Institut de France, and overseen by the famous France Galop. It was opened up in May 15th 1834. It is on a 65 hectare piece of land near the Chantilly forest. It was designed with interlocking tracks, with the main course approximately 2400 meters long. This famous racecourse has been built against the world’s most beautiful stables, and its architect was Honore Daumet. Chantilly is a home for training over 2500 thoroughbred horses. The tracks offer the right challenges which enhance the horses’ talent, stamina and speed.

Most popular races held in the Chantilly Racecourse.

The most notable races held here are the Prix Jockey Club (1836), Prix du Diane (1843) and the Prix Jean Prat(1858). The first race to be held there was on May 15th 1834, and its grandstand built in 1879 by architect Honor Daumet. The Prix Jockey Club is said to have been inspired by Epsom Derby. This race is staged in June of every year, and is run for over 2100 metres. It is number three of French racing season’s five classic races. In 1886, the Duc Aumale donated Chantilly to Institut de France.

The Chantilly Racecourse is featured on the racecourse skit in an 1982 James   Bond film. Recently, (2016 and 2017) it hosted the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. This race is usually run at the Longchamp, but could not take place there due to the ongoing renovation of the racecourse.Over the years, venue has been renovated in order to fit te standards of modern horse-racing as well as the requirements of fans. This has allowed it to acquire international attention, which is why plenty of races now happen there in modern times.

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