bangorBangor on Dee racecourse is located in a town by the same within the area of Wrexham, North Wales. It is a left-handed National Hunt Racing course owned by the Chester Race Company. Matches at the course are televised on Racing UK. It has a sister track- Chester- which hosts flat racing.


The first recorded race on the present track was run in 1859. Closure did occur during the wars, but besides that races have been largely regular. In the second half of the 19th Century, champion Jockey Fred Archer was a popular figure at the Bangor. He won a whopping 2748 races during his time, a good chunk of those on this track.

A new hurdle course set up in 1947 drew even more and better horses to the site. However, sheep presence on the course did cause denial of a licence in 1969. In 1997, the course introduced another weighing room to replace the previous one used since 197.

The Course

The pear shaped track is relatively gentle in gradient, with gentle banked bends at most turning points. One turn on the narrow end of the pear has a tricky sharp turn however, necessitating a quick deceleration for horses who have had a long stretch to build up speed.

Bangor, despite its size and being the only course in North Wales, does not possess a grandstand. Viweing is mainly on the grass banks, but the natural elevation offers an amphitheatre-like viewing experience.

The course is accessible by road, train or air, although prior booking is required for helicopter landing. A free bus service operates on race days. Dress code is not strict, and photography is okay provided flashes are disabled. Bbqs are allowed, but should always consider other race goers.


Bangor is a popular race venue, with 15 meetings in a year. There is also point-to-point racing here, usually a preparation for horses aiming to join the National Hunt at later times.

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