For a large chunk of its existence, Wetherby has been a staple for National Hunt, but this shifted a little when the site became home to fat racing for the first time in 2015. It sits at Wetherby and is just 12 miles off the Leeds Town Centre. Wetherby has three enclosures, each with facilities that come at different levels of luxury and charge differently.


The racecourse has been around for ages, becoming a venue steeped in history and intertwines with the story of Wetherby as a town. Since the later years of the 1800’s, locations have shifted a little, and improvements have been made decade after decade. Despite its elite allure, Wetherby had to wait for a long time before it could boast of terraces, which came on in the 30’s. Since then, there have been other additions and renovations, with the latest addition being the Millennium Stand, which was unveiled in 1999.

Structures and amenities

Wetherby is the full package. It has practice areas for horses, has stables, cafes and bars. It is also home to bookies, first aid medics and people looking to place bets on their favourite horses. There are also great restaurants where fans can grab dinners after races.

Depending on the time of the year and activities taking place, the admittance fee ranges between two and twenty seven pounds. The course management has not established a dress code, but fans are generally advised to wear casual clothes.


As indicated earlier, Wetherby thrives on National Hunt but has been opening its terraces to flat racers as well. Some of the notable races in the course are Charlie Hall, Castleford Chase, and Wetherby Hurdles. The venue is home to intense face-offs, especially when it comes to hurdles and related competitions.

Over the years, Wetherby has galloped and woven its way into the pop culture fabric. It has been referenced on mainstream media in shows from ITV and BBC.

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