The Greatest Racehorse Of All History

If you are one to thoroughly enjoy watching horses race, it would not surprise us that you may be interested in knowing what horse actually trumps all others for its history and records obtained. There have been many racing competitions that have kept going for centuries and if anything, this is one of the most popular sports ever, hands down. Thoroughbreds are actually the best species of horses, when it comes to racing at top speeds, because they really do possess a unique strength and endurance, when it comes to surpassing that racing finish line, 2500 metres later. So, we thought it would be cool to take a trip down memory lane and introduce the best competing horses out there that history has ever presented.

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Affirmed is a thoroughbred horse that was born in February 1975. Living for over 25 years, this horse managed to really amass a career behind him that is very much still talked about until today. With over 22 wins and 29 starts to his career and name, there is no wonder he was able to reel in over $2.5 million dollars of winnings from all the races it has been a part of. Laz Barrera was the trainer of this superior horse.

American Pharaoh

Another great champion, this horse earned his trainer Ahmed Zayat over $8 million dollars in earnings. With 11 starts and 9 wins to this horse’s name, he definitely had a great run and win statistic. Unfortunately, American Pharaoh concluded his career and retired early, due to health complications that affected his physical performance.


Arrogate is a well-known horse that had an amazing run within his career. With 11 starts and a total of 7 wins, he managed to procure a significant amount of earnings beyond what we have mentioned already ($17.4 million). Unfortunately, only 7 years later after being fouled and looked after by his trainer Baffert, within the June of this year Arrogate died due to complications with his health, a disease prevented him to continue and possibly become greater than what he had already achieved and become.


Justify is still quite young in comparison to other horses out there that have left a legacy, however for every race that he rode, he managed to take the win, so his win rate is a perfect score. Although he no longer races due to ankle issues, he was set to become the next big thing within the world of racing. In addition to this, Justify got a Triple Crown win so early on within his career, it’s a shame that he never got to pursue his career further really. A $3.7 million earning for the 3 years he competed is pretty huge if anything as he earned more than some that have been in it for a decade!