Towcester is a jump-races course located in the market town of Towcester in Northamptonshire County of East Midlands, England. It is owned by the Towcester Racecourses Company, and televised on At The Races.


The course hosted its first race meeting in 1928, making it pretty young in the history of racecourses. The formation of its mother company happened at around the same time, and it had a grandstand as an early days’ investment. Its introduction at a point of much development in horse racing coupled with the affluence of its owners allowed it to borrow much from the years of history, allowing it to come up with advanced structures, some of which stand to date.

A second grandstand –The Grace-was completed in 1997 as investment to make the course more popular continued.

It was briefly set up for sale in 2004, but the decision was soon rescinded and only a piece of the estate ended up being carved and sold.

In a bid to raise attendance, the course granted free entry to all races between 2002 and 2006. The management re-introduced charges for the Easter Sunday and Boxing Day meetings in 2006, but select meetings remained free.

The course

The course is a trapezium-shaped circuit, with narrow and wide sections within its length. It is right handed over a distance of one-mile six-furlongs, and widely regarded a punishing course with its sharp bends and a steep climb at the finish.

The course is relaxed regarding dress code, but diners at the restaurant are expected to wear a smart casual outfit. Access is possible by road, rail or air. The train station closest to the course is 11-miles off, with a taxi service across the distance. Helicopter landing is allowed with prior arrangement.


The course plays host to around 18 Hunt fixtures in its calendar of events. The Boxing Day and Easter Fixtures remain most popular despite being charged, attracting fans in their number, up to 9,000.

Tony McCoy in 2013 got his 4000th career victory as a jockey here, atop Mountain Tunes in the Weatherbys Novices’ Hurdle.

At the close of 2014, the course introduced greyhound racing, with a track built for the same purpose.


The racecourse is located in a town by the same name within the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire County, England. It is a flat type course, left handed oval, owned by the Thirsk Racecourse Ltd.


The course has been hosting races since 1612, with the most remarkable story of its early days being James I’s prize of a gold cup in that year’s race. The present track has been operational since 1855 when Squire Frederick Bell organised a meeting on the estate.

In 1940, in the thick of the World War, the course hosted the St. Leger Stakes, a 1-mile six furlong race that was normally run at the Doncaster track.

The course

Thirsk is a flat type course with a gentle gradient. It has fair turns all round, allowing race horses to exploit speed at any point of a race. The area is picturesque in its architecture and maintenance, with flowered lawns whose manicured is pleasingly standout.

Racegoers can access the course by rail, road or air, with helicopter hauled patrons allowed to land on the cricket pitch in the course up to half an hour before the first race. Landing is not allowed once races are underway.


The track gets a good galloping between April and September, when 17 flat races are run here. The Thirsk hunt Cup is the main race here. The calendar runs between April and September, starting with the Opening Meet and Culminating with the Ladies’ Day Finale.

In between, the May Totepool Thirsk Hunt Cup and the Irish Day headline a host of other afternoon and evening races that attract fans in scores. The Totepool returns as the Summer Cup in August.

Other events

Thirsk boasts exquisite facilities and service for other events that can be held with the races in the background; weddings, conferences, concerts, exhibitions and banqueting, which makes it a prime spot for crowds.

Taunton Racecourse

Taunton Racecourse is located in the countryside area of Orchard Portman in Taunton town of Somerset County, South West England. It is a National Hunt type course owned by Taunton Racecourse Limited, with races televised on At The Races.


Taunton is the youngest jump track in England, but is just shy of a century’s existence. It came into operation in 1927, and remained the youngest track of all types in England until 2008, when Great Leighs was opened. The Shoreditch Selling Hurdle was the inaugural race at the course, and was won by Mr. Rayson’s Baalbek.

The course

The course hosts jump races only, meaning it is only active at the start and close of the year. It is a right handed track, 1-mile 2-furlongs long dotted with fences and ditches. It has no complication to it, just a long straight on each side of sharp turns.

Dress code is only strictly enforced in the members’ area, although racegoers are advised to have comfort wear for long hours of standings. A great view of the Blackwood Hills can be had from the course. There is a courtesy bus that ferries visitors to and from the railway station one hour before the first race and 30 minutes after racing ends.


The track hosts around 15 race meetings a year. It’s sharp bends call for agility in the competing horse, and makes it an ideal warm up track for major jump races. The Totepool Autum, Totepool Christmas and the St Patricks day are headline races at the Taunton.

Tony McCoy the legendary jockey who rode a record 4358 winning horses, is now based at the Taunton, where he is an assistant trainer to Martin Pipe.


Other events

The facilities at Taunton are used for activities like conferences and concerts when racing is not in session. The June 11 2017 UB40 concert at the park, with Billy Ocean as a special act, is one of the venue’s most publicised non race events.