American Racecourses

Thus far there hasn’t exactly been a heavy focus on American racecourses on the horses and courses site, with instead more of a focus on the UK. It’s hard to deny the popularity of horse racing stateside though, and the thrill of both sport and gambling in general to the American public. Stateside there are plenty of usrealmoneycasinos , of that there can be no doubt. Then of course Las Vegas is known not only in the states, but worldwide too. Away from the casino world though, sports betting in taking off more and more stateside, as more states recognise the freedom to have a ‘flutter’.

In fact for a country priding itself on ‘freedom’ the United States of America has been shockingly behind the curb regarding the freedom to bet and gamble. In part likely due to the monopoly held by Las Vegas in several states there have been laws that place limits on online casinos, sport betting at the like. Thankfully though that is now changing at a fast pace and American citizens are free to take part in this form of entertainment and skill. About time too!

On course betting has always, or rather often been possible stateside, but it’s not like we all have a racecourse on our doorstep. But, nevertheless on that topic what amazing and noteworthy racecourses America does have. Arlington Park, Churchill Downs, Belmont Park, Santa Anita Park, the list goes on.

My personal favourite of these prestigious racecourses just has to be Arlington Park. The course hosted the country’s first ever $1 million stakes race in the 1920’s and is located in Chicago, Illinois. An interesting fact, as that’s not necessarily a location that people would automatically link to horse racing. Stakes races such as the Arlington Million Stakes, Secretariat Stakes, and the American Derby are held there annually.It’s the ‘trusted pair of hands’ of racing as far as holding these events goes.

Of other courses, Churchill Downs too, surrounded by beautiful unspoiled landscapes is another racecourse that isn’t to be missed. You’ll have no doubt seen it grace your TV screens, whether you’re US based or not and it is home to the Kentucky Derby too, the very first leg of the Triple Crown Series (with the other two being the Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.)